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Welcome to our Varshney community


varshney welfare association is a registered association formed for welfare of whole varshney samaj.Its main goal are samuhic vivah samaroh, essential education to poor varshney students,organisation of parichai sammelan,help to old people,help to disabled people etc

Varshney ( वार्ष्णेय ) is an Indian family name. Variant spellings include Varshnei, Varshnai, Varshnaya, Warshne, Varshni, Vrishni and Vrushni. They are derived from the name Varshneya, first recorded in the Mahabharata as used by Arjuna to address Vasudeva Krishna. This group is collectively known Barahseni. This group belongs to a region known as Barsana near the city of Mathura in north India, famous for the Lath mar Holi, a special celebration of the festival of Holi. Barsaaney was used to describe people of Barsana. Variations came into use including Barasani, Barahseni, Barahsaney, Barashaney, Barshney, Varshney and.....


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